Belle Meat began operating in February 2009, in modern production facilities at Aspropyrgos, Attica. Its main area of business is processing and standardising meat products. Our wish to ensure the guaranteed high quality of our products has meant the company has enjoyed steady growth. In the short time it has been operating the company has managed to develop a huge network of customers which has been established exclusively as a result of the trust placed in us by our clients. In August 2016, Belle Meat moved to new, privately owned, modern facilities in the Acharnes area of Attica.
Under strictly monitored hygiene and safety conditions, Belle Meat develops and applies modern manufacturing and packaging methods. The Company’s fundamental aim of producing extremely high quality products underpins its entire philosophy. Our product safety system ensures that all traceability requirements are fully met and that each product has its own identity number and code which guarantees that it has passed all the necessary checks.


Our family started its business in Cyprus. For four generations now, we have been offering innovative services in food processing and standardisation. We have always specialised in the market for meat products. My personal involvement with the family business began 20 years ago. Throughout this period, I have had the opportunity to work in and learn in detail about all areas of the business – from the farms and the production at the factory to the development of butchers shops and the export of meat products. In 2009, my close friend Apostolis Karadimos and I created Belle Meat. We have equipped our state-of-the-art production facilities in Acharnes, Attica, with innovative systems for standardising and packaging our meats. Today, the reputation and the quality of Belle Meat have transcended national borders and our company now operates highly successfully abroad, and supplies its top-quality products to professionals in the restaurant and catering sectors. Thus, in spite of these difficult times, Belle Meat actively invests in outward-looking entrepreneurship, development and employment. At Belle Meat we have a passion for quality and we want to be sure that you enjoy only the best from us! We thank you for placing your trust in us.


The driving force behind the company’s growth and successful business is its staff. Our investment in training and in constantly keeping all the company’s employees up to date with the latest developments, means that we have well-trained staff working in all areas of Belle Meat’s business. Our first priority is to ensure our staff enjoy excellent working conditions.