BELLE MEAT has assimilated the core principles and values of E.K.E, both in its business planning
and in its day-to-day operation. We look after our staff and take care of
their working environment. In this difficult period, BELLE MEAT is creating new jobs and taking care
to provide excellent career prospects, lifelong learning, high – level training and
appropriate delegation of responsibilities to its employees, all of which effectively enhances employees’ working experience.
BELLE MEAT is interested in people and in vulnerable social groups and
offers humanitarian aid as a way of expressing its solidarity with our fellow human beings
who are in need of help. In this way we hope to improve their quality of life.
We especially wanted to help the vulnerable groups which have been most affected by
the impacts of the economic crisis, and we undertook a series of actions offering both direct and indirect help.



Belle Meat has a strong sense of social responsibility and we wanted to show our support for the border areas of Greece. So we donated state of the art medical equipment to the Megisti Medical Centre in Castelorizo.  In these difficult times, it is important that everyone offers what they can to the community and their fellow men as a sign of solidarity.  Belle Meat understands the anxieties of Greeks who live in the most beautiful but remote areas of the country, and we wanted to contribute to their medical care by providing new, state of the art equipment to improve the level of medical diagnosis for the residents of Castelorizo and to give them added confidence and security in their medical treatment options. The reception we were given and the warm thanks of the people from the area is, for Belle Meat, an unforgettable memory and the best possible reward.


BELLE MEAT supports the work of NGO “Agios Filaretos” which, on its own initiative, provides soup kitchens for poor families. Our company consistently and continuously donates meat it produces to be used in the meals offered by the soup kitchen. There is a large number of our fellow citizens who cannot provide the basic necessities of life for themselves. At BELLE MEAT we feel it is our responsibility, both as individuals and as a company, to offer consistent and long-term support for these people, and not just offer intermittent support.


We want to support important informal initiatives such as the charity event organised by the parents and guardians association of the 1st Holargos Kindergarten on 13 December 2014, and therefore our company offered its own quality products as part of the event. The thanks from the society and the children’s smiles encouraged us, both as a company and as individuals, to continue developing and to always include social support as part of our efforts.


Dear friends and colleagues

The children and the people connected with “The Smile of the Child” Organisation express our warmest thanks for your very significant participation in our efforts to help children and, more specifically, for donating meat for the children we support.

For a voluntary organization, such as “The Smile of the Child”, which relies exclusively on private initiatives, in whatever form they are offered, your participation is of immense value to us.

Thanks to you, and with your help, the “Smile of the Child” manages to keep on going every day and also to expand its activities, and protect and care for thousands of children who have been deprived of their smile.

Thanks to you, and with your help, we can secure the innumerable requirements that we need to meet to continue our work, and you also give us the moral support we need to accomplish the – often very difficult – task you have trusted us with.

Once again we would like to thank you warmly and we hope you are always able to support our children as members of our great family.

Thank you!

For the Board of Directors
Costas Giannopoulos

xamogelo paidiou


Dear Sirs,


With this letter we wish to express our sincere gratitude for the continuous support of the activities of our association.

Your offer at the summer school celebration contributed substantially to the successful completion of the event of our Association.

Through your action, you have shown us once again the awareness and high sense of social responsibility that characterizes your company.

We wish you the continuation of your already successful course.

For the Association Board

Yours Sincerely, the President

Kon. Antzakis


BELLE MEAT company in the context of corporate social responsibility
actively supports and sponsors actions of the Greek Scouts Organization+-
in the framework of the educational activity of the System
and its financial support.